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la·​veer | \ ləˈvi(ə)r\
Definition : to sail against the wind

Laveer and Co

Who We Are

Laveer was formed in early 2017 to meet the needs of organizations across the hospitality industry, including vacation rentals, hotels, and resort management companies. We have set out to provide valuable insight from years of experience in launching, leading, growing and selling companies.

The name ‘Laveer’ was chosen due to its sailing term meaning - to sail against the wind. In business it’s not always smooth sailing. Helping navigate the challenging headwinds is what Laveer is all about.

Steve Trover started fifteen businesses over the last 30 years. For the past two decades he has been focused on the vacation rental industry as a professional vacation rental manager, vacation home developer and technology strategist. He has been involved in many industry trade associations and served as president of the international Vacation Rental Manager Association

Courtney Joy has 20 years experience in the hospitality industry. She has worked in housekeeping management, guest services, conference planning and as an executive meeting manager. Courtney was also the founder of a wedding planning business before joining the team at All Star Vacation Homes where she specialized in marketing, business development & owner services.

What We Do

In business there seems to be a prevailing growth for the sake of growth mentality.

At Laveer & Co. we don’t subscribe to this thinking but instead focus on helping facilitate strategic growth with sustainable profitability as the focus.

We will come along side of your company vision and develop a plan that grows the company in a way you will be proud of while increasing revenue and profits. We assist in building a team and culture that can execute on the vision with a strategy for success. Our team leverages a diverse group of industry experts to drive optimized business outcomes for our clients.

Predictive Index

The Predictive Index (PI) helps organizations reach their business goals, all while creating a better workplace for employees. Here’s how:

  • The PI platform will help you hire the best possible talent by ensuring each candidate is the right fit for the role. For managers, this will reduce the amount of time you spend interviewing the wrong candidates.

  • Through PI’s tools, you will also be able to foster increased self-awareness, which will help you communicate effectively, strengthen team dynamics, and improve manager-direct report relationships.

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Organizational structure, financial modeling, business plan development, identifying key performance indicators.
Development of a ROI focused sales and marketing plan


We help companies build the very best leadership teams. We can expedite your hiring process and ultimately help find the ideal leaders for your company.


As certified Talent Optimization consultants, we will assist you in optimizing your most costly and valuable asset, your team. We’ll help you build a talent strategy that aligns with your business strategy.


Implementation of "Traction” strategies in the workplace.
Develop the Core Focus, Core Values, Niche, Goals, Marketing Strategies and Team Development


Restructuring and repositioning Develop a completely new model for the changing environment.
Rebrand, repackage and turn things around with a new strategic vision.


Preparing for the sale. Develop a plan to optimize the business for sale.
Create demand by introducing it to multiple potential buyers.


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